52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

43. Solitary


Once again I’m vacillating between 2 photographs that are both appropriate for “Solitary”. Seeing I kept procrastinating, Mindy said I should use both as I am suffering from “paralysis by analysis”! No more hemming and hawing…

Like many people, I sigh and gasp at the sight of beautiful sunsets and the brilliant colors they paint across the heavens. The first photo was taken a block from our house after asking my husband to drive me around while I photographed the ever-so-lovely sunset. I spotted this denuded tree standing alone in the fields.

The second photo was taken at the Ringling Causeway in Sarasota, Florida while visiting Mindy…I know, I know, another sunset picture… There were several people who walked past this solitary grey heron perched at the top of a lamppost without noticing it.

And there you have it: two solitary living things, one in Panama, one in Florida, both against a blushing sky.

IMG_8871 (2)



27 thoughts on “43. Solitary

  1. Very nice pictures, Ida. Like you, I never grow tired of seeing the beauty around us. Too many have lost the wonder of it all…..so caught up with the forest, they’ve forgotten to appreciate the trees!!


  2. Both are just fantastic shots, I really love the heron shot. 😊


  3. Wow – both are beautiful photos. I’m glad you shared both. And what a neat saying, “paralysis by analysis!”


  4. Both are wonderful! And I feel very fortunate that I know the location of both those beautiful views. 🙂


  5. Great photos, wonderful for the theme!


  6. We are blessed to live in a beautiful places! You have captured the colors of the sunsets perfectly!


  7. Both photos are very beautiful, Ida! I will never tire of sunsets.


  8. Lovely pictures as always, my friend! I was thinking about doing a skeleton tree too!


  9. I never get tired of seeing sunsets. Beautiful photos!

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  10. Stunning. Fabulous colours.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I love them both! Tough decision to choose only one…glad you were vacillating!

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  12. colors are wonderful – and we never tire of another sunset.


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