52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


39. Shot Through Glass

Toward the end of our just under 400km drive back from Panama City to Boquete a week or so ago, we passed through an extremely heavy downpour. The skies grew darker and darker as we wound our way along the back roads to avoid the remainder of the massive construction on the Pan American highway. We had managed to pass all the storms we had seen on the horizon as we drove, just a sprinkling here and there, but the rainy season almost guarantees at least some opening of the heavens somewhere along the drive.

Shortly after turning off the main drag, we noticed the blackening skies and knew we were heading directly into the storm. And boy, did it rain! The camera had been in my lap (or close at hand) for most of the way and when the rain abated a little, I asked my husband if he could turn off the wipers every now and then so I could at least try for a shot or two through glass without blades swishing back and forth. He patiently did so when it seemed safe enough, and I snapped a few water splashed shots to fit the theme. I’ve been playing frequently with black and white and sepia recently. This time I chose sepia for “Shot Through Glass”.

IMG_8231 (2)<a

IMG_8232 (2)



32. Painting With Light

I absolutely love the beach with its constantly changing colors and clouds, the rich blues and greens, the dark greys and purples, the pinks, oranges and yellows. There is never a time the beauty fails to evoke ooh’s and aah’s and excitement in me. There is a peace that comes with the sound of the waves thundering on the shore, the calls of the birds, and the gentle touch of the salt spray on my skin.

Last weekend, the clouds were spectacular throughout the day. We thought the clouds that continued to gather and build would completely block the sun, and we were prepared for a disappointing sunset. However, although there were no deep oranges and reds, the setting sun painted the water and the heavens with glorious light. That evening the beauty was all about the cloud formations and the light that played through them to paint a gorgeous sky and sea.





44. Someone Working

When I saw this theme on the challenge list, I knew what I wanted to photograph: a construction worker or two on one of Panama City’s seemingly infinite number of high rises under construction. However, I grew bored waiting for another trip to the city, hoping there’d be time to go hunting for that perfect fit.

In Boquete Canyon Village on Saturday morning on our way out, we stopped briefly at the clubhouse remodel that my husband is overseeing. There were a few workers on the job. One was painstakingly laying the small mosaic tiles in the large pool. Another was cutting and applying tiles to the walls running the length of the pool area. One more was mixing a small amount of concrete for an indoor job. Two men were digging the fire pit at the end of the masterfully crafted stone pathway. With the photo I had taken a couple of weeks earlier of the tiler cutting and laying tiles surrounding the pool, I decided these would help complete the photographic progress of the remodeling project, an extensive endeavor using a handful of skilled labor.

I did notice that one of the men working on the fire pit had not covered his head, something you don’t see too often as the sun can be so incredibly harsh in the tropics. Usually these workers are covered from head to foot, many of them even wearing bandannas to cover their faces for protection. Suntan lotions are costly and most workers cannot afford such luxury. Being completely covered by clothing may be super hot, but definitely serves its purpose.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the clubhouse’s completion so I can use the gym and pool. Rock on, workers!







52. Winter Landscapes

Late this afternoon, when my husband and I returned to Boquete Canyon Village, the gated community in which we live, we drove around so I could attempt to capture some of the beauty surrounding us. When I had the chance to look at the results, I decided that this was as close as I could get to “winter” in this part of the world.

Winter can be a very different experience depending on where in the world you reside. In Panama, there are basically 2 seasons: the dry season (summer) and the wet season (winter). The dry season brings strong winds and hot days with very little to no rain, turning the grasses to dry golden brown stalks. The wet season with its billowing, always-changing clouds that pour copious amounts of rain upon the land is very humid and creates a brilliantly green and lush environment. It is the wet season here now and the jungle greens, emerald greens, lime greens and every green you can imagine are simply glorious. These photographs may not look wintery to most people, but this is our winter even though we are not donning sweaters and coats, boots and gloves, and clearing snow from pathways and sidewalks.

Here’s the photo tour of our beautiful winter landscape.