52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


24. It’s a Mail Thing

Do you remember the days when emails, faxes, cell phones, Twitter accounts, Facebook, and Skype were non-existent? There were no inexpensive long distance phone calls; in fact, they cost plenty. It was during this era that I met my future husband in South Africa. We spent 4 remarkable days together before he flew back to Alaska. For the next 11 months (bar 4 weeks when I was actually with him in Juneau), we wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I kept all my letters from him and he kept mine. This is the pile we shared, 31 years later, including the most exciting one of all: his marriage proposal!  So, it’s a mail thing!ImageImage



43. That Reminds Me

My husband and I were shopping in the drapery/table linen section of a department store in David, Panama when I couldn’t help but notice this creative display perched on top of some tablecloths. It reminded me of the times I have been inspired to create clothes using fabrics and items not necessarily meant to be worn as such. I may need to pay closer attention to future displays to find additional creative ideas. I am not opposed to making a dress from a tablecloth!