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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

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Thank you for dropping in to visit my blog and view my photographs for the new year in pictures. Once again, I will be attempting to publish one photo per week for 52 weeks.¬†Each photo will be based on 52 themes that were selected by some good friends of mine who live in Florida. A list of the themes is at the top of the page on the “2015-2016 Theme” tab. These friends are also participating in the photo challenge along with many others, the number of participants growing annually and including people from a variety of different countries. Some of the themes are fairly simple and others more demanding. Our goal during this challenge will be to think outside the box and allow our photographs to reflect our creativity and interpretation of each theme. With each photograph posted, I will explain why I thought my photograph satisfied the chosen theme. If you are eager for some fun and perhaps need a little inspiration to get your camera out more often, this is a good challenge to undertake. It will provide you with the opportunity to capture images you wouldn’t usually photograph and make you much more aware of everything around you. I encourage you to join the 52-Week Photo Challenge. It can be intimidating and arduous at times, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Keep checking. My first photo of the 2015-16 Theme Challenge will be published soon.