52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


Week 7 #21. Industrial

A couple of weeks ago in the beautiful city of Bellevue, Washington, we were admiring the marvelous views from the rooftop garden in the apartment building in which our son and his girlfriend live. As in many cities across the U.S.A., there is a fair amount of construction in the area. Recalling the “Industrial” theme, the cranes being used in the erection of a new building a couple of blocks away appeared to be a suitable match. I took the first photo during an earlier tour of the common areas, noticing Mt. Ranier hiding in the background, tucked behind the buildings, and not very apparent in the hazy, late afternoon light.

A couple of hours later, we walked around a lower floor garden area shortly before the sun sank into Puget Sound. The construction cranes were obviously still present, but the vivid reflection of the remnants of sunset in the office windows made the scene quite memorable, especially with the darker skies emphasizing an imposing slice of natural beauty peeking between the incomplete and complete towers.





Week 6: #39. Rainy Day

Wet season in Panama means rivers of rain, vivid green grass growing at an almost alarming rate, lightning bolts flashing across the darkly ominous sky, crashing thunder rattling the windows and jangling the nerves, and the wonderful smell of freshly drenched earth permeating the air.

A few weeks ago on our way to Playa Barqueta, we had to make a quick stop at the grocery store in the small city of David. We had been driving through pouring rain and my husband offered to dash into the store. I had the privilege of waiting in the car. While waiting, I noticed the rain cascading off the corrugated roof of an eatery across the street. It looked like it could be a fairly interesting shot and a definite match for the theme, “Rainy Day”. I opted for black and white as it emphasizes the waterfall of rain.

IMG_3670 (3)