52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


45. That’s so Funny!

Perhaps only my wonderful friend and I can see the humor in this drive-by photography shoot. We spotted a man who was clearly enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation on the trunk of his car in the parking lot near the new Nordstrom Rack in Sarasota. As we drove slowly by, I only managed to snap a single shot. Our second pass resulted in another solo photo and we decided that a third time would be perfect. Unfortunately, the third drive-by was not perfect at all as the gentleman was already getting into his Geezer-Mobile, looking a trifle disgruntled. We wondered if he realized he’d been caught on camera, or was possibly disenchanted with his extended wait, or both. We nearly split our sides laughing as we made a mad dash toward the exit! Sorry if we intruded on your quiet time, Sir, but you certainly provided us with some light amusement. 🙂






When recently visiting a friend in Sarasota, Florida, I found myself tagging along on a photography club field trip to a scrapyard, the final resting place of hundreds of vehicles. While making my way around these trucks and cars in their various states of misery as they weathered the hot sun and torrential rains of Florida, I caught sight of my reflection in the bumper of yet another discarded truck. The theme of distortion immediately flashed through my mind. Of course, it could have fit “That’s so funny” as well, but I saved something else for that one.