52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

20. Interpretation Of Art


I have envied friends who have been able to attend the Chalk Festival that has been held in Sarasota in past years, knowing it is an event I would delight in. You can imagine my excitement when I found out the festival was going to be held in Venice this year during the time I would be in Sarasota.

And so I found myself wandering down a quaint street in Venice, Florida with a friend, eagerly observing artists plying their craft, embracing every color of the rainbow to create gorgeous, brilliant chalk art. They sat for hours in the hot sun using different techniques to apply vivid color to the paved surface of the road, painstakingly adding color upon color for our enjoyment. The theme for the 2014 event is “Extinct and Endangered Animals”. What a wonderful treat to see these marvelous works of art unfolding before us and coming alive. The reflected light in the animals’ and people’s eyes is remarkable, making many admirers comment on their magnetism.



21 thoughts on “20. Interpretation Of Art

  1. I was at the festival today too and used my pictures for the same theme. The paintings were incredible this year so much talent in one place!


  2. More incredible shots! What a wonderful talent to be able to share for others enjoyment.


  3. My favorite festival! I love the work of the artist you have pictured in the 3rd photo! Great shots!


  4. I’m so sorry that I missed this trip! Wonderful photos.


  5. It looks like a really worthwhile experience. Would so love to see it!


  6. Great captures, truly a wonderful experience!


  7. I feel so lucky to have seen this!


  8. I wish I had been able to see their works of art. It is always so amazing.

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  9. I remember seeing works of art done in chalk on the streets of Paris when I was there with Julia. Some people are so talented!

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  10. Great photos. I also like to see the sketches on the ground being used by the artists to create such beauty!


  11. I like that you got them in process. I think they are so intricate that you miss what it takes to make one if you just photograph or see it completed. Very nicely done. Glad you got to see them.


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