52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


Week 2: #7. Circle in a Square

Yesterday afternoon involved quick shots taken from the car, several stops in people’s driveways, and a handful of awkward moments utilizing our hazard lights while I jumped out of the car to try to get a decent composition for my photos. Instead of pavements alongside the meandering, narrow mountain roads, there are drainage ditches to catch the abundant rainfall. Consequently, finding a safe spot to pull over is a challenge. I did plenty of up-and-downhill walking from the car and back to capture the images I wanted.

Without a predetermined theme in mind, I simply ventured forth with my trusty assistant, and allowed sights and scenes to inspire me. Close to the highest point of the mountains above Boquete on a short stretch of straight roadway, this fence caught my attention. I had no idea if any of the themes would be suitable. It was only later once we returned home and I imported my photos, that I noticed the circle in a square in several octagons in a circle.

However, while driving down the last part of the road from a place called Palmira, I spotted a gate that seemed to lead nowhere and one which I knew I’d be using to fulfill the seventh theme of the challenge. My husband kindly pulled over and the old rusty gate became a “Circle in a Square”.



Week 1: #2. A Worm’s View

What a way to begin the new Theme Challenge year…one week behind!

My husband and I spent the past few days at one of my favorite spots to relax and take photos: Playa Barqueta in Chiriqui Province, Panama. Our friends have a fabulous beach house with a very welcoming pool. Overlooking this pool are two custom-made statues of storks, the owner’s favorite bird. For a change, this photographic effort to suit the theme was actually planned. Before sinking into the beckoning water, I lay on my towel beneath the raised foot of a stork, trying not to be blinded by the sun, and deciding that this could be a worm’s view if it was emerging from a hole in the ground. Luckily for any worm in the vicinity, this bird is incapable of devouring any living creature.
IMG_3720 (2)
And this is my view of the storks, unless I’m lying on the grass under descending claws!