52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

21. It Happens Over Time


My archives are full of options for this theme, primarily old buildings that have deteriorated over time and man-made objects neglected and bequeathed to the elements to consume. However, today I took several photographs of flowers at a property that is being prepared for the housing market. While I was going through what I captured, these roses immediately made me think of “It Happens Over Time”. All the stages of the rose’s life are caught in a single shot, from bud to bloom to rose hip. And of course, I had to play a little. So, I’m including the original as well as the copy I fooled around with.
IMG_2976 (5)


9 thoughts on “21. It Happens Over Time

  1. Great idea for the theme Ida! Beautiful shots.

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  2. Good example for the theme Ida.

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  3. Great find, wonderful photos and perfect processing! Well done!

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  4. Who doesn’t like roses? I can think of not one person. Both photos are beautiful but I am leaning towards the softness of the processed one.

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  5. very nice! It looks like it must smell good too. I love the smell of roses.

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  6. Cleaver idea! Nice capture of all the stages of a rose.


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