52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


Week 36 #29. Moody

My husband’s admiration does not extend to this bedraggled dandelion that never discharged it’s airy seeds to the force of the winds. He says the image is too desolate, too bleak, too depressing. That all sounds rather “Moody” to me.

IMG_4485 (2)


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Week 35 #13. Downtown in B&W

While waiting for a traffic light to change, I snapped this shot in downtown Bellevue, Washington. I never anticipated using the photo for one of my themes; I was simply entertaining myself with my camera in hand. While playing with the image, I decided to try B&W and this is the result. Just a little tidbit: Bellevue is one of the cleanest cities I have visited in the States.

IMG_6095 (2)


Week 34 #49. Tiny World

A wonderful way to whittle away tedious hours of waiting for flights to depart is to enjoy the artwork many airports display. In the International Terminal at San Francisco Airport is a wall covered in thousands and thousands of 3 x 3 inch handmade tiles by Korean artist, Ik Joong-Kang, who began creating them while commuting  long distances to his part-time jobs during his student days. The artwork contains 5,400 unique tiles, measures 120 x 270 inches, and is a mixture of various media which includes canvas, wood, tiny toys, and other odds and ends. He also incorporates words and images on his tiles. It’s a fascinating piece of art and I was happy to idle the time away taking photographs and discovering the tiny treasures each tile offers.



IMG_6376 (2)

IMG_6394 (2)



Week 31, 32 & 33 #47. The Eye, #A4. Patriotism, #30. Mouthwatering

I’m doing it again. Please forgive me for breaking the rules.

#47. The Eye

Our time was seriously limited and we wanted to squeeze in a little fun together, so my brother and his family and I paid a quick visit to the Bird Gardens at Montecasino in Johannesburg. It is the only bird park of its kind on the continent of Africa and offers 100 different bird species, many of which roam the grounds. Other animal species like reptiles, tamarins, lemurs, small antelope, and more inhabit the relatively small sanctuary. In addition, the gardens have the largest private collection of South African Cycads in the world, a bonus for plant lovers.

There are several species of birds which are caged and the large amber eyes of an African Scops Owl caught my attention. Unfortunately, there was no way to avoid the bars when taking my shot, but I was happily surprised with the owl’s beautiful eye captured in my image. If you look really carefully, you can see my reflection on the far left of his pupil.

IMG_0108 (3)

#A4. Patriotism

What on earth makes a vividly colorful bird patriotic? If you are a citizen of Germany, Belgium, Angola, or Uganda, or belong to the Australian Aborigines, this flamboyant red, yellow and black Saddle Billed Stork would be the perfect mascot to represent your country in a flag-waving celebration of patriotism.

IMG_0122 (4)


#30. Mouthwatering

As it seems I’m hung up on birds, I may as well keep it going. My mother is an avid bird lover who tries never to miss feeding those that visit her garden on a daily basis unless there is some kind of emergency to divert her from her mission. She is extremely dedicated to their morning and evening feedings. In addition to the breadcrumbs and seed mixture she devotedly scatters for them, she usually leaves orange or apple halves in the branches of the trees. Mousebirds (the White-backed variety, I believe) are almost always the first on the scene when a scrumptious orange is lovingly left for their mouthwatering feast.



Week 28, 29 and 30 #38. Powerful #A3. Nature #A5. Straight Out of The Camera (SOTC)

The following images were all taken on the same day, showing the merest fraction of the magnificent animals wandering in the wilds in one of South Africa’s vast number of game reserves. My South African sojourn resulted in hundreds of photographs for my archives. I was so thrilled to have seen quite a few of these marvelous animals in this incredible country especially as safaris of any description were not on my agenda. As a result, I’m taking the liberty of posting three different themes in one post.

#38. Powerful

This brown lion’s immense paws and massive head cannot be described without using the word ‘powerful’. Even the look in his eyes spoke volumes about the power in his body. His deep roar added to that sense of dominance.

IMG_2261 (2)

# A3. Nature

A small herd of Common Water Buck stepped gingerly over a ridge, constantly alert as they made their way through the tall grass, halting together to assess any threat in their surroundings. They may be common, but they are beautiful creatures with lovely long eyelashes and deep brown eyes. Such a treat!

IMG_2122 (2)

#A5. S.O.T.C.

Cheetahs are beautifully marked with their spotted coats and black tear marks. Their long legs and slender bodies are perfect for speed. This lovely feline, so close to us, walked at a fairly brisk pace, obviously aware of our presence and clearly uncomfortable with it. I was lucky to be able to get the shot before the long grasses hid him almost totally from sight. There was no time to make adjustments or change lenses while taking the photograph. It is just as it is…straight out of the camera, unedited.






Week 27 #22. Laundry

Bright colors draping the roughly hand-hewn wood and barbed wire fence against the vivid green of the sugar cane field caught my eye as we drove past a crude encampment huddled amidst banana palms alongside the road. The wet laundry of the indigenous people, the Ngobe Bugle, who inhabit the primitive shelters, reflected in the recently-formed puddle of muddy water.IMG_2461 (2)



Week 26 #35. On the River

I spotted this little green heron perched in a tangle of roots on the banks of a narrow channel of water that is river-like in the wet season. It was actually quite surprising when he appeared in my peripheral vision, silently riveted in place as I crouched down to take a photo of a snowy egret wading in the water. I immediately switched focus. His eyes never left me as he watched my every move.