52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 41 #45. Spooky


On the other side of Volcan Baru, hidden at the top of a rocky, unpaved almost-impassable road, is Finca Dracula, home to one of the largest private orchid collections in the world. This is the gate that leads to some incredibly exotic orchids, particularly the Dracula Orchid, so-named for Count Dracula because of the blood-red color of some of the species and for the long spurs of the sepals which look similar to a bat when closed.

After visiting one afternoon, we were the last to leave and were asked to please close the gates behind us. There was a spooky element to the photo, made more so by the name above the dilapidated gate.

IMG_9627 (2)


3 thoughts on “Week 41 #45. Spooky

  1. oh definitely spookty – so quiet and the name and gate … yep – this works!


  2. Yes, it does have an eerie feel to it.

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