52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 38 #A6. Sunset


Out of all the hundreds, possibly thousands, of sunset images I have in my collection, I thought I’d deviate from the expected Panama mountain or beach view and post an African sunset. When contemplating sunsets in Africa, what comes to mind is the vast savannah bearing a lone thorn tree silhouetted against a fiery orange sky.

Well…in South Africa I was able to witness several gorgeous sunsets, some of them with an industrial touch as the area in which my sister lives is home to gold mines and Sasol, the world’s first oil-from-coal company, an immense factory that develops technologies, including synthetic fuel technology, and produces liquid fuels, chemicals, and electricity. When pulling into the upper parking lot of the Secunda Mall, the skies over the manufacturing plant were striking with the steam from the massive silos streaming into the sunset colors.

The discontinued gold mine shaft with simple pink and white cosmos flowers in the foreground caught my eye while driving along the highway as the sun sank lower on the horizon one evening.

A few days later, we detoured on our way home to watch the sun’s descent and once again, I caught the gold mine shaft in the distance.


IMG_0535 (2)



5 thoughts on “Week 38 #A6. Sunset

  1. the juxtaposition of wild flowers and the industrial scene behind is wonderful. Do love that final photo though with the “liquid gold” water!

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  2. Waxing lyrical, I see, Patricia. “Liquid gold”. Hmmm, I like that. Where were you when I was describing the scene? 😉

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  3. Beautiful sunset and good memories.


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