52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 36 #29. Moody


My husband’s admiration does not extend to this bedraggled dandelion that never discharged it’s airy seeds to the force of the winds. He says the image is too desolate, too bleak, too depressing. That all sounds rather “Moody” to me.

IMG_4485 (2)


5 thoughts on “Week 36 #29. Moody

  1. Yes, it is…..looks like it’s weather a rain storm or two.

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  2. Are we talking the photo moody or your husband?! … its rather sad – they’re so pretty when they are dry although the gardeners dislike them!

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    • Hmmm…now, if the image makes him feel depressed, I guess HE would be moody, but the image is simply a glum mood-inducing photo. My husband would never fall in the depressed category, though; much too upbeat and positive. 🙂


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