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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 28, 29 and 30 #38. Powerful #A3. Nature #A5. Straight Out of The Camera (SOTC)


The following images were all taken on the same day, showing the merest fraction of the magnificent animals wandering in the wilds in one of South Africa’s vast number of game reserves. My South African sojourn resulted in hundreds of photographs for my archives. I was so thrilled to have seen quite a few of these marvelous animals in this incredible country especially as safaris of any description were not on my agenda. As a result, I’m taking the liberty of posting three different themes in one post.

#38. Powerful

This brown lion’s immense paws and massive head cannot be described without using the word ‘powerful’. Even the look in his eyes spoke volumes about the power in his body. His deep roar added to that sense of dominance.

IMG_2261 (2)

# A3. Nature

A small herd of Common Water Buck stepped gingerly over a ridge, constantly alert as they made their way through the tall grass, halting together to assess any threat in their surroundings. They may be common, but they are beautiful creatures with lovely long eyelashes and deep brown eyes. Such a treat!

IMG_2122 (2)

#A5. S.O.T.C.

Cheetahs are beautifully marked with their spotted coats and black tear marks. Their long legs and slender bodies are perfect for speed. This lovely feline, so close to us, walked at a fairly brisk pace, obviously aware of our presence and clearly uncomfortable with it. I was lucky to be able to get the shot before the long grasses hid him almost totally from sight. There was no time to make adjustments or change lenses while taking the photograph. It is just as it is…straight out of the camera, unedited.






9 thoughts on “Week 28, 29 and 30 #38. Powerful #A3. Nature #A5. Straight Out of The Camera (SOTC)

  1. Three very powerful shots. Glad you were able to witness them in their natural habitats.

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  2. I’m so jealous! We went to Pilanesberg and saw nada. Actually, thats not quite true, we did see some zebras and warthogs and a kudu. But nothing as interesting as this.

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    • Pilanesberg was a possibility, but we nixed it due to time constraints, Morag. We saw zebra, springbok, impala, giraffes, warthogs, gemsbok, endangered species wild dogs, ostriches, rheas, and of course, the animals you see in these photos. It was wonderful!


  3. Wonderful images Ida. I just can’t imagine the thrill to see these beauties in their natural habitat and up close.

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  4. Great shots. I’m insanely jealous of your trip and shots.

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  5. oh they’re all just gorgeous -looks like you got the hang of the camera! – i do love the water bucks and their little “heart” noses !! – adorable!!


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