52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 24 #14. Enclosed


On one of the last evenings that remained of my niece and her family’s home visit to South Africa, Katelyn, about to turn 7, was setting up a tea party in the shed which belongs to her Granny. There she entertained her Granny, Nana, Mummy, and her aunts (one of them a grand-aunt) who were all celebrating an early birthday for the littlest of the ladies. Her tea party included the singing of Christmas carols, drinking “tea” from plastic cups, and wearing colorful scarves and Santa hats…in April. At one point during the preparations for tea, Katelyn stood on a chair to look through the bars and window and exhibit her tongue which filled the space left by her missing baby teeth.  Her tongue was enclosed as was she.

IMG_1253 (2)




7 thoughts on “Week 24 #14. Enclosed

  1. So darn cute!! Great idea for the theme!

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  2. Love it! What a little doll.

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  3. And she talks with a lovely English accent, Patricia! 😉

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