52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 22 #16. Frame within a Frame


On our way to a game park in South Africa, I spotted a derelict house on an embankment overlooking the highway. My sister pulled over and waited while I scrambled up a steep hill to capture a snippet of African graffiti on either side of the crumbling doorway of what appeared to have once been a Ndebele homestead. A glimpse of the undulating mountains through the disintegrating building peeked my interest…a frame within a frame.

My photographic escapade did not come without a small price. A spill at the end of my descent resulted in torn jeans and a skinned knee. Now I can sport the distressed denim look.

IMG_1927 (2)

IMG_1927 (3)


6 thoughts on “Week 22 #16. Frame within a Frame

    • If I could have, I would have taken at least 300 or more photos during my drives around the country, but when you’re not traveling with photo-crazy companions and you’re actually driving in a caravan, then there is no stopping. Also, the bus I rode on for 5 hours was hardly going to pull over for me to take pics of the gorgeous views. I have it all in my head…


  1. You’re a braver woman than I am. Never would’ve dreamed of doing such a thing in SA.

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  2. great find! – beautiful countryside. You should have taken a photo of your knee for “part of me” – or did your sister get a shot of you “descending” ??

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    • Sorry, Patricia, no knee shot and my sister definitely didn’t catch the fall on camera. I was ending my descent and coming back up out of a very steep ditch…only a few far too rapidly taken steps to go when I fell onto the asphalt right next to the car. I saved my camera and my glasses instead of my jeans and knee. lol

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