52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 21 #52. Yellow


After a very lengthy absence from my blog, my latest offering is a photo I took while visiting a game park in South Africa. A female white lion was lazily reclining in the grasses and wildflowers (weeds?), gazing at me while I attempted to capture her image between the stems and blades of grass. It was quite a thrill being so close and having those pale eyes meeting mine with a mass of yellow partially obscuring her powerful face.



6 thoughts on “Week 21 #52. Yellow

  1. great to see you again, Ida. Welcome back

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  2. Great shot Ida! Missed you too!

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  3. nice one! – unusual. I was a long way back but almost caught up. Sometimes I’m a little “relaxed” about the theme – ie MAKE it fit my photo!!

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    • Thanks, Patricia. I’m certain I have something for every theme. It’s a question of how much people want to see my blog posts…every other day is what it will take to complete the challenge…and how eager I am to do so. 😉


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