52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 17 #37. Part of a Whole


An article I happened upon referencing little-known gems in San Francisco, led to a detoured stop on the way to the San Francisco Airport several months ago. And what a treat for the eyes this wonderful jaunt provided. Not only did we marvel at the brightly beautiful mosaics on the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project, a very long and steep staircase ascending one of the famous San Francisco hills, we chose to trudge up each one, slowing to admire the brilliant artwork as well as the stunning vistas of the city that opened up the higher we climbed.  Each step of the lovingly created mosaic project led to the one above, which led to the following one, and the following one, all making up parts of a colorful whole.

IMG_6169 (2)




10 thoughts on “Week 17 #37. Part of a Whole

  1. Oh wow, those are amazing. I must check it out next time we are in SF.

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  2. So colorful! I can’t imagine how long it took for this to be put together, very talented individual(s).

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  3. how beautiful – I had to go and read a little more about it. Perfect for the theme! – Many photographers around on the google map when I looked it up!

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  4. I would probably be so busy looking at the steps I would fall and break my neck! LOL

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  5. that is a wow. A definite stop when in SF – not sure I could handle more than one set of those stairs though. Nicely captured

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