52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 16 #10. Dawn’s Light


Dawn’s light is certainly not something I see on a daily basis. My late nights usually mean my best sleep occurs when the sun is rising. On this particular morning, my beauty rest was curiously interrupted. Glancing outside, the soft glow of pinks and oranges seemed to beckon to me. Grabbing my camera, I hurried across the stepping stones on the pathway to the beach and watched for the sun to make its appearance. The colors grew more and more intense as the sun lit the clouds above a spectacular rosy red and the waves segued from dark grey to purplish blues. While the sun ascended, numerous birds flitted about in apparent joy. Pelicans skimmed the waves in small squadrons, flying towards the lightening east. Once the sun rose above the horizon, the colors continued to change. I waited until only a slightly tinted sky remained and the heat of a new day in this tropical environment was quite apparent.

IMG_9782 (2)


8 thoughts on “Week 16 #10. Dawn’s Light

  1. Beautiful shot and beautifully written Ida!

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  2. How nice to be welcomed by such a beautiful scene. Very nice, Ida.

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  3. This image was worth leaving your cozy nest.

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  4. And then? And then? What a beautiful introduction to a rather exciting story I thought. That should be the first chapter of your new book, since you obviously should be writing one. You always seem to enthrall me with your words.

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  5. Very nice! they say everyone has a book in them!

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