52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 13 #26. Mealtime


A vividly colored visitor to our yard emerges regularly to forage for insects, digging with ferocity in the grass and dirt for something to satisfy his appetite. His long claws tear at the roots of the grass as his head bobs up and down, grabbing his prey. Today I happened to spot the Rainbow Whiptail Lizard emerging from one of his many holes among the rocks which surround our yard. He was not too far from my feet. What I managed to capture, as I snapped a couple of photos, was his mealtime. It was just another fascinating and surprising experience I was delighted to witness. I have included a photo I took on a previous occasion to show his entire brilliant, scaly body and naturally, photos of his mealtime.

IMG_4930 (3)

IMG_8251 (3)

IMG_8251 (5)


16 thoughts on “Week 13 #26. Mealtime

  1. Such a colorful guy! Great idea for the theme!

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  2. Wow! Beautiful shots and a beautiful lizard.

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    • Thanks, Susan. I check for him almost daily. For a while, he seemed to have disappeared. I was very excited to see him back after a good two week absence. He’s so pretty and interesting to watch.


  3. I so enjoy your text with you images. One can almost see the image just by reading your descriptive words.

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    • I really enjoy writing the descriptions, Karen. I avoid posting some themes, not for lack of a photo, but for elusive words. I have no idea where this pleasure for my own written passages originates, but while it’s enjoyable, I will continue. Thank you for your positive feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. He’s very handsome, especially the marking that looks like another eye.

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  5. Very colorful guy. Good capture of his mealtime.

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  6. Such pretty colors. That must have been a lot of crawling on the ground and I guess he was too busy eating to run away.

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  7. he’s really very gorgeous – especially his tummy color! – so sharp! – I guess they have to eat – actually we look kind of gross when we eat too if you actually watch us!!

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