52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 11 #51. Upside Down


Wandering around the yard of our favorite house at Playa Barqueta, camera in hand in case something interesting appeared, I spotted several very ordinary looking spiders in tangled, messy webs. These partially disintegrating webs of thin silken strands, suspended between the flowering shrubs, glistened as they caught the light of the mid-morning sun. The small garden-variety spiders hung upside down, patiently waiting for their intended prey. I crouched down to take a couple of shots, observing their lightning-fast speed as they pounced on the teeny insects that ventured too close to their sticky traps. It was quite a lovely surprise to see their markings once the photos were uploaded. Those little 8-legged creatures were interestingly patterned and not quite as drab as I had previously thought.

IMG_7413 (3)


11 thoughts on “Week 11 #51. Upside Down

  1. I seriously dislike spiders but this is a great capture.

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  2. You may not like them, but you have to admit that they are indeed beautiful creatures! Wonderful shot

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  3. great shot of an icky subject and the story was beautifully written.. again, the subject, well, ICK. You did an exceptional job because I read the whole thing even though it was a struggle only because of the subject.

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  4. Being the arachnophobe that I am I quickly liked and m0ved on. Although I did take the time to note the pretty light on the web to the right of the picture.

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