52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 10 #42. Silhouette


I could have used these images for S.O.T.C. (Straight Out Of The Camera) as absolutely no adjustments were made, not even cropping, but selected them for “Silhouette” instead.

We were atop the hill at Grand View Park in San Francisco embracing the colors of the changing skies as the sun sank lower on the horizon. A solitary young man was seated on the only bench overlooking the city and Golden Gate Bridge, taking in the glorious views as were several others scattered on the hilltop. Before anyone else popped into the picture, I was able to capture him against an impressive scene partly showing beyond him.


I was asked in my previous post if sunset photos were imminent. The orange sherbet sunset rapidly changed to shades of pink and purple as the fog rolled in quickly, amassing heavily to completely obscure the sun and leave the scene an extremely chilly grey. So, these two are for you, Patricia!




15 thoughts on “Week 10 #42. Silhouette

  1. Love all three, but the first one is my favorite!

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  2. great photos Ida, Love the first one, you can also use it for ‘moody’!

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  3. Very nice, Ida. I’ll vote for #1 also.

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  4. One of my favorite Cities to visit! Perfect image at the park and love the color in the sunsets.

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  5. Ahhh.. so beautiful Ida.

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  6. OH IDA!! I feel so special – just for me!! – but everyone gets to enjoy them. I have just said to Richard that I am finally backtracking to where I left off 6 weeks ago to see everyone’s wordpress entries! – I LOVE the one of Paul – there’s a lot to feast your eyes on – Paul obviously, but apart from him! … all those horizontal lines through the photo the sun, the clouds, the fog the bench – really lovely. Shame we didnt have “foggy” again this year!

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    • I honestly was just going to post the first photo, Patricia, but couldn’t resist inserting the other two. I should probably add a San Francisco album to my facebook page, because, unless I change my blog or add a new one, many of my photos will never be shared. I get so excited about what I am honored to see and manage to capture through my lens, the urge to share it is intense. I could fulfill many of the themes just from this set of pictures. As for being behind…this is now week 20 and I have only posted 12! (rolling my eyes and sniggering…)


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