52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 9 #11. Descending


We had already climbed the many, many steep stairs to get to the top of one of the many, many hills that overlook the city of San Francisco, including the ones we had specially detoured to see, a staircase of impressive mosaic beauty.  However, seeing there was still at least an hour before sunset, and having enjoyed the views and snapped a considerable number of photos, we decided to make a quick return to some funky, vivid graffiti we had sighted earlier. By the time I finished capturing that art on camera, we returned to the hill to catch the sunset. This time we decided to park closer on the opposite side of our original climb so it wouldn’t be quite as arduous. As we began our ascent, I saw this young man beginning his descent and thought it was worth attempting a shot. We then continued upward as he stepped down towards us. We stopped to take a few photos of city scenes, beginning to feel the consequences of our previous zillion steps walked. About half way, the young man greeted us with a smile and said it was definitely worth reaching the top as the view was fantastic. Little did he know that we had already taken it all in and were back for a repeat. But as he said, the view was definitely worthwhile with the fog rolling in and the sunset changing rapidly from a glorious orange to a soft swirl of pastels.

IMG_6271 (2)


13 thoughts on “Week 9 #11. Descending

  1. I am panting and my legs are aching just from looking at your photo. awww…San Francisco, one of my favorite places to visit.

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  2. I have nothing to say on this matter … except

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  3. Are those the Lyon Street Steps? I love those!


  4. Really like your shot in B&W and how you captured him near the top.

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  5. great shot and love the story too. Will we be seeing some sunset shots soon?


  6. perfect for theme. great shot1


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