52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 8 #48. Three of a Kind


I wasn’t out looking to photograph birds; we were simply on our way home when we chanced upon a trio of Yellow-Headed Caracaras crossing the winding dirt road a few yards in front of us. They flitted into a garden beyond a gate. My husband rapidly came to a stop while I hauled out my camera and quietly and slowly emerged from the car, hoping to snap a few photographs before these birds of prey disappeared from view. The mother flew up onto the gate to keep a watchful eye on this intrusive photographer, determined to protect her offspring from harm. The youngster squawked noisily on the driveway while Papa Caracara nervously flapped around him, ultimately succeeding in enticing him further from the gate onto a large birdbath where junior continued his cries. It was a totally unexpected and priceless encounter we felt privileged to witness.

IMG_6697 (4)

IMG_6702 (5)

IMG_6703 (8)


5 thoughts on “Week 8 #48. Three of a Kind

  1. Lucky you! They are beautiful birds.


  2. really great photos ida (and narrative!)


  3. it’s the best when you happen upo something. Lovely shots.


  4. Amazing shots. You were so lucky to see them!


  5. Lovely captures! Glad your husband stopped to you were able to photograph them!


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