52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 6: #39. Rainy Day


Wet season in Panama means rivers of rain, vivid green grass growing at an almost alarming rate, lightning bolts flashing across the darkly ominous sky, crashing thunder rattling the windows and jangling the nerves, and the wonderful smell of freshly drenched earth permeating the air.

A few weeks ago on our way to Playa Barqueta, we had to make a quick stop at the grocery store in the small city of David. We had been driving through pouring rain and my husband offered to dash into the store. I had the privilege of waiting in the car. While waiting, I noticed the rain cascading off the corrugated roof of an eatery across the street. It looked like it could be a fairly interesting shot and a definite match for the theme, “Rainy Day”. I opted for black and white as it emphasizes the waterfall of rain.

IMG_3670 (3)


12 thoughts on “Week 6: #39. Rainy Day

  1. wonderfully shot. The weather description is disturbingly similar to that of Sarasota, does it make you nostalgic?

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    • Nostalgic for Sarasota? Hmm, not really as I haven’t spent enough time in Florida, Christine. It does make me think of other places I have lived where we experienced awesome thunderstorms…Colorado…South Africa.


  2. you know I love your “words” ! I LOVE this photo too! great choice doing B&W – really fabulous.

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    • I have to admit that if the “words” won’t coalesce, I have to set the chosen photo aside for a later date when the “words” do come together in a coherent form. Thanks for the compliment regarding both the copy and the photo. 🙂


  3. Lovely shot Ida, especially in B&W.

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  4. Another nice shot of life in your part of the world.

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  5. You made that eatery look extremely enticing – even in the rain. Nice shot.

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  6. Great shot Ida! You did a super job capturing the rain. I can tell it was a Panama downpour!

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