52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 4: #17. Gate


Posting only one photograph from the dozens of gate images that I’ve taken since the beginning of August is a challenge. There is an abundance of unique, rustic, imposing, delightful, intriguing, homely gates in the area. Gates and doorways have always fascinated me, perhaps for the mystery of what lies beyond, perhaps for the sense of security they present, or perhaps even for the symbolism of opening a door to new adventures in life.

These two photographs were taken on a narrow, winding road in Jaramillo, in the highlands above our tiny town. I have always admired the first gate with “Hacienda Esplendorosa” boldly forged in metal. It seems to intimate that something sublime exists behind that closed gate, beyond the short tunnel of towering pine trees that line the drive on either side. It peeks my curiosity to explore further than what is visible to passersby. I want to know what Splendorous Estate is hidden from view.

The gate with “Cuesta Verde” painted on a plaque and fastened to the wrought iron bars, appears to lead nowhere, an entrance to what looks like an abandoned property with no visible structure of any kind. There are many similar gates here that discourage anyone from entering and yet encourage inquisitiveness. In most instances, I presume my curiosity will never be allayed.



17 thoughts on “Week 4: #17. Gate

  1. Beautiful country and mysterious gates. What more do you need in life?

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  2. Is the 2nd one an abandoned place. Both very interesting but the 2nd one has me intrigued.

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    • Julie, it’s possibly a very large farm or property that has never been developed. Panamanians love owning hectares of land. This one looks like the drive has seen some activity. But with no other visual, it is intriguing. πŸ™‚

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  3. well now you have us all asking questions – yes I wonder what gorgeous estate is behind the first gate – and what WAS behind the second – we need answers!

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  4. I like them both

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  5. I love them all Ida – great finds, beautifully executed and presented

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    • Thanks, Vincent. Your positive comment is enormously appreciated, especially as there is so much to learn. Only this week did I make a concerted effort to understand more about shutter speed and focal length. One step at a time. Notebook out…camera out…


  6. Both gates are so interesting and I also am wondering what lies beyond. Good job, Ida.

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  7. So mysterious…….love the photos and your explanations.

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  8. they are great, if you ever find out what’s beyond you’ll have to let us know I love gates and doors too but what about windows? I love all the subjects you mentioned but you didn’t list windows and they are a favorite for me

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