52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 3: #5. Bird’s Eye View


At the edge of the canyon, where the road merges and begins its descent into the Boquete Valley, stands the Boquete Visitor’s Center. This popular spot for both tourists and locals alike overlooks the valley in which the little town of Boquete is nestled. Throughout the day, vultures ride the thermals above the meandering Rio Caldera, soaring to incredible heights and drifting low down as the winds take them. Standing above the valley floor, I watched them circle and glide above and below me. As the sun sank lower and lower and shadows darkened the valley, the clouds gathered along the canyon and surrounding mountains. The wondrous panorama before my eyes was also the vultures’ view, although I’m pretty certain they were not as appreciative.

birds view 1

birds view 3


23 thoughts on “Week 3: #5. Bird’s Eye View

  1. You live in a very picturesque place and I’m glad you share your scenery with all of us. Beautiful!

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  2. Beautiful photos and very powerful descriptive text describing the scene involved. I thought I was reading the first chapter of one of the new books I was asked to read for my book club. I wanted more……..

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  3. Great shots Ida. It’s nice to see how the vegetation has all grown back along the rivers edge…. nice and green again!

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  4. Your part of the world never disappoints, beautiful shots Ida!

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  5. Nicely done Ida, beautiful bird’s-eye vistas

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  6. So pretty and it reminds me of Scotland.

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  7. Beautiful views … and isnt it wonderful watching birds just gliding … I love watching that.

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  8. Nice views thank you for sharing your beautiful vistas.


  9. Love that last (valley) shot.


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