52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 2: #7. Circle in a Square


Yesterday afternoon involved quick shots taken from the car, several stops in people’s driveways, and a handful of awkward moments utilizing our hazard lights while I jumped out of the car to try to get a decent composition for my photos. Instead of pavements alongside the meandering, narrow mountain roads, there are drainage ditches to catch the abundant rainfall. Consequently, finding a safe spot to pull over is a challenge. I did plenty of up-and-downhill walking from the car and back to capture the images I wanted.

Without a predetermined theme in mind, I simply ventured forth with my trusty assistant, and allowed sights and scenes to inspire me. Close to the highest point of the mountains above Boquete on a short stretch of straight roadway, this fence caught my attention. I had no idea if any of the themes would be suitable. It was only later once we returned home and I imported my photos, that I noticed the circle in a square in several octagons in a circle.

However, while driving down the last part of the road from a place called Palmira, I spotted a gate that seemed to lead nowhere and one which I knew I’d be using to fulfill the seventh theme of the challenge. My husband kindly pulled over and the old rusty gate became a “Circle in a Square”.


35 thoughts on “Week 2: #7. Circle in a Square

  1. The gate photo is perfect for “Circle In A Square.” How lucky you were to find this old rusty gate.

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  2. Good eye Ida Barbara!! πŸ˜€

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  3. What a cool gate. Nice photos!

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  4. Great response to the theme. I’ve learned that these themes sometimes require a bit of work to come up with a satisfactory image.

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    • When I go out to take photos, George, I take along my list, but seldom refer to it. I simply take photos of anything that catches my eye. Later, if I like a photo, I’ll try to match it to a theme as I did with the fence. I always enjoy the challenge.


  5. Good catch! The first one is sure unique. The second one looks like it was made from old large bike wheels.

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  6. I like it a lot. We don’t have any cool fences like that here.

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  7. seriously – could that BE any better! – well spotted (could have been “rusty” too) !

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  8. I like fence but the gate was just sitting there for you to find it. Well done!

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  9. Nicely done. That gate is perfect for the theme. The fence is unique and you would only find things like that on ranches or farms around here. Good find.

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  10. What a perfect picture for Circle in a Square. I think you get the prize!

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  11. Well spotted Ida. I like the fence better as a picture but the gate fits the theme perfectly.

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  12. At first I thought this theme would be hard but it turned out to be the first one I shot. Now I see them everywhere!

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    • I felt the same way, Karen. When I look back at several photos I have taken in the past that are in my “Possible Theme Matches” folder, there are a number of them that would suit “Circle…” And now that I have posted this one, I am also seeing them everywhere. That’s why I like this theme challenge: it makes me so much more aware as I search for possible matches. πŸ™‚


  13. Nicely done in both photos. Hunting for the right spot is fun!

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  14. I also have a “Possible” folder, and it’s true that sometimes new ideas come to you later for the same theme!

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