52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

Week 1: #2. A Worm’s View


What a way to begin the new Theme Challenge year…one week behind!

My husband and I spent the past few days at one of my favorite spots to relax and take photos: Playa Barqueta in Chiriqui Province, Panama. Our friends have a fabulous beach house with a very welcoming pool. Overlooking this pool are two custom-made statues of storks, the owner’s favorite bird. For a change, this photographic effort to suit the theme was actually planned. Before sinking into the beckoning water, I lay on my towel beneath the raised foot of a stork, trying not to be blinded by the sun, and deciding that this could be a worm’s view if it was emerging from a hole in the ground. Luckily for any worm in the vicinity, this bird is incapable of devouring any living creature.
IMG_3720 (2)
And this is my view of the storks, unless I’m lying on the grass under descending claws!


32 thoughts on “Week 1: #2. A Worm’s View

  1. You may already be a week behind, but you’re definitely on top of your game. Love the worm’s view! Very creative, Ida.

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  2. If the stork was real that worm would digging a whole as quick as he could. I liked your photo

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  3. Great idea, wonderful photos!

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  4. Great shot from the worm’s view

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  5. A scary angle. Good interpretation. For this theme, I have determined we need to get down and dirty…on the ground. lol

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  6. Fantastic shot Ida, and so creative! The view from the pool looks amazing, I would never want to leave.

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  7. Great shot. I wouldn’t want to be that worm! 😊

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  8. Nicely done … You certainly must have been in a contorted position to get that shot! What people will do for their art!

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    • Yes, Patricia, it was far from elegant. There I was, scooting under those lethal claws, trying to avoid having talons rake across my scalp, and laughing at myself. Quite mad I’d venture to say. πŸ™‚


  9. Very cool Ida. I’d love to have seen that :0)


  10. Love how you shot this and perfect for the theme! I feel sorry for the worms now it looks kind of scary !

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  11. I definitely can identify with that little worm from this perspective! Good job.

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  12. This is great, it made me smile thinking of you lying under the bird’s foot!

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  13. I love that you gave us both perspectives to explain the worm’s view better. Good thing you are flexible!

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  14. two great shots, I’m glad I got to see what they look like from a people’s view.

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