52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

26. Masked


While wandering the streets of Casco Antiguo, a favorite spot of mine in Panama City, we came upon a man dressed in a costume based on the traditional Diablos de los Espejos (Mirror Devils) costume. In Panama, specifically on the Azuero Peninsula, the devil dances are of a religious nature, depicting the battle between good and evil and the ultimate defeat of Satan by the Holy Spirit. The mirrors worn by the dancers are meant to ward off the evil eye. The dance has been practiced since the 16th Century and although it originates from Europe, there is a definite Afro-Caribbean vibe to it stemming from enslavement during the Spanish colonial days. The young man we saw whose job, it seemed, was to entice diners into the restaurant, must have been sweltering in his vibrantly colored hooped skirt and leggings as well as having to contend with a head adornment and shiny plastic mask in all the heat and humidity of the day. Although he briefly posed for me, his eyes beneath the mask did not reveal a happy spirit.
IMG_1229 (4)


8 thoughts on “26. Masked

  1. That would scare me if I saw that. I’m not a fan of masks. Too many movies? I don’t know.

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  2. Pretty scary colorful character!

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  3. Whoa, imagine running into him in a dark alley. Get me outta here!

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  4. Perfect interpretation of this theme. The Panamanian custom is similar to the masquarders in Montserrat at Christmas

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    • My only wish is that I could have seen the authentic masks that are worn in the Los Santos area and the more elaborate costumes. I just may have to plan a trip during those festival days. The masks are absolutely amazing!


  5. Very interesting. Seems odd to use it for a restaurant, but whatever works. Obviously the hoop skirt is not an issue for this young man.

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