52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

A1. Blue


Panama has the largest variety of bird species in the world. They range in size from tiny hummingbirds to the largest raptor in the Americas. Having lived in a few different parts of the Boquete area, it’s been a treat to see some of these birds, so many of them quite beautiful and intensely colored. Photographing birds is a challenge, but when I saw a Red-legged Honey Creeper in the top of our Flamboyant tree, I had to at least attempt to capture the vivid blues of this teeny little bird. When looking through my photos for something that would fit the “Blue” theme, these photos seemed to me to be the answer.



17 thoughts on “A1. Blue

  1. Perfect! Love the vivid photo!

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  2. Such beautiful colors. Wow!

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  3. Wow…that is blue. Pretty.

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  4. Nice shots — beautiful (blue) bird. Well done!!

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    • Thanks, Vincent. I’ve been hesitant to post bird photos because so many of the bloggers are very skilled at snapping pics of birds. But I have to start somewhere. πŸ™‚


  5. Great time photographing birds and wildlife.

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  6. What a pretty little fella (girl) this is! I have never heard of a red-legged honey creeper … just assumed they would be found in the “red light district” as opposed to in a tree. (My weak attempt at humor.) Seriously, Ida, what great photos. New camera? What did you get?

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  7. That is one of my favorite Panama birds too Ida. I didn’t see them much in Los Molinos…. normally a Boquete bird! Great shots!

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    • That’s funny, Mindy, I often saw them in Los Molinos in the trees right next to our condo on the canyon edge and later when we moved into the house. They seemed to like the trees similar to bottle brushes.

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  8. that color is absolutely amazing – gorgeous. Well done!!

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