52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

47. Summer Fun


While visiting Sarasota recently, a friend and I drove out to Venice Beach to play with our cameras. A teenage girl was fishing from the pier as we stopped along the way, photographing the waves, a few children playing on the shore, and several birds prancing along the railings. I tried to candidly photograph the girl as she cast her line into the water, but in the end, she knew she was my subject, finally turning to face me with a grin on her face. We both enjoyed some summer fun on what turned out to be an intermittently rainy afternoon.


IMG_1792 - Copy


IMG_1793 (bw)


11 thoughts on “47. Summer Fun

  1. Great photos – beautiful in B&W

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  2. Oh, to be that age and shape again………

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  3. Nice shots Ida. Really like them in B&W.

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  4. It’s unusual to see a young girl fishing. She made a great model for you, Ida.

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    • Thanks, Mary Nell. If you saw the series of photos I took of her, you’d get the entire story. As hard as I tried to pretend I was taking photos of Patricia, this girl was not fooled! 🙂


  5. they came out so well! – considering how furtive you had to try and be – love that you changed them to B&W – oh how she would love to have these photos – we should have gone up to her and given her your e-mail address. (missing your “words” Ida!)

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  6. Very pleasing to the eye.

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  7. Either a longer lens to insure the photo stays candid or you need to talk with her.


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