52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

49. Two of Us


Encouraged by a friend, I walked through the Boquete Coffee and Flower Fair with my camera on my hip and took several, what I hoped were, surreptitiously candid shots. When I had the opportunity to look through what I had managed to capture, some of the photos were hilarious, embarrassing, cute, absurd, and blurred due to shooting from the hip. A few of the photos showed two people and these I decided would fit the theme “Two of Us”. I also copied and cropped one of the photos to better fit the theme. The images may not be very well focused, but I had fun anyway.


IMG_0242 (2)

IMG_0337 (3)

IMG_0337 (4)


8 thoughts on “49. Two of Us

  1. I really the second one, makes you wonder “what’s up”

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  2. Your shots are adorable!

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  3. My choice is #3 – Touching.

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  4. I’m voting …are we voting ?! … for number 3 too …. its like journalistic somehow?


  5. That’s a pretty neat technique. I need to try that the next time I’m street shooting.


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