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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

8. Differences


In Casco Antiguo, Panama, there is construction galore as the decrepit old buildings which have deteriorated over the years are being revitalized. The entire area is changing. Many buildings are being restored by investors. As much as possible of the exterior walls is left intact and the interiors gutted and built anew. The changes are evident everywhere…buildings which look entirely new standing alongside those that are in total disrepair and in need of a good dose of loving care. This crumbling, neglected area of Panama City is being reclaimed one building at a time. New restaurants, apartments, and places of business are rising from a derelict environment.

As the land curves around the Bay of Panama, you can look across the water from Casco Antiguo to the skyscrapers dotting the horizon from one end to the other. These vast towers that house offices and apartments have been erected in very close proximity. They are a juxtaposition to the much smaller, more elegant buildings in Casco Antiguo which are so full of character.

While walking around Casco Antiguo, Emily and I took many photographs of the various buildings, those that have seen change and those that are yet to be tackled and resuscitated. I happened to spy the skyscrapers through the window of a building undergoing renovation and thought it was an interesting view. The other photos simply show the old and the new, side by side.




I opted for black and white in the following photograph because it seemed to accentuate the differences.

IMG_1175 (B&W)


5 thoughts on “8. Differences

  1. very nice – I think you’re right about the black and white! I’m glad to hear they are trying to save the exteriors to keep the character.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Patricia. A couple of buildings have worked around some of the crumbling that has exposed brick walls, secured it and made it a feature. It looks terrific! Unfortunately, we saw those before this year’s challenge, so my photos from that visit don’t count! 🙂


  2. Incredible shots Ida. All your shots of Panama make me want to see your beautiful country in person. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice to see they are trying to save at least a few of the old buildings.


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