52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

2. Below The Knees


Oh, I had so many funky ideas for this theme that would have involved setting up scenes. I just never got around to it. Then our unscheduled visit to Skagit County, Washington happened, taking us to a darling little town and the last tulip farm open for the annual April Tulip Festival. Unfortunately the fields were well past the blooming stage, but the gardens were vividly beautiful nonetheless. Thousands of colorful heads bloomed in all their glory in the crisp air with snow-capped mountains in the background.

All those tulips in riotous color seemed to demand a spot in one of my posts. I had to find a theme that would work. While looking through my photos, I realized all the tulips were below my knees, even the little signs diplomatically telling visitors not to tiptoe through the tulips.






IMG_1092 (2)

13 thoughts on “2. Below The Knees

  1. What a riot of color. Beautiful. Ida, you could have used the first one for Fences or Rails!

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  2. Great shots, wonderful colors — definitely below the knees

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  3. I am so envious. I would love seeing these scenes firsthand.

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  4. so pretty – particularly like the first one with the fence.

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  5. Wow something to remember for a substitute for a trip to holland. When did you go?


    • We were there the last weekend in April. I would recommend going the second week of April instead. Then all the fields will be filled with color, Sue. I want to go again…maybe spend a night in the quaint town.


  6. My favorite spring time flower, Beautiful!


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