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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

A3. Doors And/Or Windows


This is a theme dear to my heart because it evokes warm fuzzy memories. One early Saturday morning before Mindy returned to Florida and my husband and I left for the island of Antigua (only to return to Panama 13 months later), Mindy and I took a field trip. Our mission was to photograph doors and windows in the small town of Boquete. Naturally, there was much laughter involved. Mindy always gets me to do things outside my comfort zone (not just me…most people fall for her cajoling). Anyway, together we captured a variety of doors and windows in various states: weathered, welcoming, vivid, shuttered. I have always been entranced by this topic. Not only do doors and windows open to welcome new adventures, opportunities, and relationships, they also close to end past experiences and to keep out things that go bump in the night.

I have continued over the years to photograph doors and windows whenever the opportunity arises in any place life finds me. I have even retaken shots I first took on our field trip. I have delayed posting this theme challenge on account of indecisiveness. My apologies if I’ve included so many photos. It was very challenging to choose so few!

The first photo shows a favorite house of mine in Boquete with its colorful array of flowers and its always open and welcoming door. The rest of the “doors and windows” are from different parts of Panama.



IMG_9775 (2)bw

IMG_0515 (2)


I simply had to include the following picture of Emily as she photographed the windows in the photo above during our Casco Antiguo exploration while my son waited patiently (?) for the ladies to do their thing. I think it’s appropriate that she is standing beneath a window next to a door with many doors and windows in the background.



11 thoughts on “A3. Doors And/Or Windows

  1. Great selection of doors and windows. I like them all!


  2. all great but I’m going to choose no.1. as my favorite … gorgeous colors and an open door inviting one in.


  3. Well done – great shots!


  4. Outstanding series of pix for the theme


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