52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

36. Right Place At The Right Time


At about this time every year, give or take a couple of weeks, these bare trees erupt overnight in a vivid explosion of color. The dazzling yellow can be seen scattered on the hills and streets all over the country. On a whim, my husband and I took a back road on our way home from the beach, having only a vague idea where we were headed. We figured we’d eventually find our way back to the Pan American Highway and home. To my unqualified delight, we caught sight of an abundance of glorious yellow. Our challenge was to find the right side road that would lead us to those trees. After a couple of dead ends, our meandering took us smack into riotous color. Brilliant petals were strewn along the pavement, blanketing the earth under the trees. I was child-like in my excitement. Never have I seen so many of these stunning trees in one place. The blooms only last two to three days, so we were most definitely at the right place at the right time.





20 thoughts on “36. Right Place At The Right Time

  1. Great shots Ida πŸ™‚


  2. I just wish you had been with us, Mindy.


  3. Beautiful! They look like the golden trees we have here that have been blooming.


  4. Wonderful yellow! Beautiful.


  5. Great shots Ida. I assume you found your way home.


  6. Beautiful Ida – nicely done


  7. Lovely photo! I also love the blanket of yellow flower on the ground that have fallen from the trees such a beautiful capture!


    • There was a tree alongside the Pan American Highway that was spectacular, Roxana. The yellow carpet beneath the branches was thick with blossoms. I would LOVE to have stopped there to take photos, but it’s just too dangerous. Despite my concerns, there was a child playing in that carpet of flowers while his mother took photos, her car parked awkwardly on the side of the highway. Crazy, but she probably got some incredible photos.

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  8. What a beautiful drive!


  9. gorgeous oolor! why is it these flowers are so short lived – like cherry blossoms and the like! – in many fields in England you will see rapeseed flowers which are this same yellow – just stunning.


    • Why’d you spell “colour” wrong? (And I don’t mean the double oo!) I know…it’s easier than seeing that red wavy line every time you spell it our original way. lol I agree with you, Patricia. I want to see the blossoms last longer. There are so many gorgeous flowering trees here that you can miss entirely if you don’t go out on the right few days.


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