52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

19. Horses And Humans


Horses abound in Panama. In fact, just 15 years ago, there were more horses in the little town of Boquete than motor vehicles. When I first visited Boquete in January 2006, it was not at all unusual to still see horses in town. I have some photos of horses and humans from that trip. I figured this theme would be very simple. It was surprising how challenging it became. Horses and humans stand still for no-one!

A couple of weeks ago, we came across a fairly large group of horsemen competing in roping and although watching the event was not an option, I did get the chance to snap a few photos as the riders gathered and waited their turns.



A little further down the road, we spotted a foal and mama without the presence of humans, but I had to include this one. The foal’s coat was still fuzzy…


The pretty horse standing in the same field needed a little attention. So you get to see this one, too.


And for the finale, a quick jaunt to the David International Fair in David, Chiriqui, gave me the opportunity to see a rather unusual “horse”, all saddled up and ready for riding. The little fellow atop the “horse” was more than reluctant to have his daddy place him on the saddle, but he ended up smiling as did all the onlookers!


5 thoughts on “19. Horses And Humans

  1. Great photos Ida, thanks for sharing


  2. The last photo is so funny! Surprised they could find a saddle to fit it! Great shots.


  3. lol I forgot about the saddled “other” horses… I once took a photo there while waiting on the parade to start of a saddled up “longhorn horse” 🙂


  4. The last “horse” doesn’t quite have the physique of the other horses. Very nice.


  5. Now this reminds me of my childhood when we used to ride the “horses” in from the north forty for milking and being yelled at that we were causing the “horse” to make buttermilk. We did not have saddles. Too funny,


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