52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

14. Four Letter Word


December 30th, 2014 found us at the beach, giving us the chance to soak up the beauty of the sea and sunset for one last evening before year’s end. We were not disappointed. As the sun slowly slipped closer to the horizon, the shorebirds gathered to bask in the last rays the sun cast over the salty water. There was no thundering crash, just wave after gentle wave lapping and swirling around the birds’ feet while they tilted their heads toward the warm colors painting the sky. A wash of palest pink and gold fell on a young lady, making her skin glow as the sun sank lower and the soft light reflected off the dark wet sand. It made my heart sing and I felt the calm of the ocean flow through me. A kiss of gold created a beautiful soft dusk.



31 thoughts on “14. Four Letter Word

  1. Beautifully written and photographed.


  2. Oh, Ida. This photo is so lovely and the way you described your last day on the beach was so heartwarming. So beautiful.


  3. gorgeous photo. Love her pose.


  4. As I read your passage I was thinking the same thing Mary Nell said! And I was thinking, “This is a book I want to read or a movie I want to see!”. Good job. And gorgeous picture!!


  5. What a beautiful photo! I hope you were able to give a copy to the young lady.


  6. she must be totally thrilled with the photos you took Ida – fabulous!


  7. Beautiful shot! This could have been an intentional shot of a client’s portfolio.


  8. This is a beautiful image and could easily be on Hallmark cards for lovers. Is the four-letter word Dusk?


  9. I need a beach day exactly like this! Beautiful Ida.


  10. Very pretty capture of they young lady.


  11. This is me in the photograph and while my pose looks graceful, I did NOT feel it! I realized how awkward I felt in front of the camera lens, with all the attention on me. This was a completely candid one, actually the first one Ida took so we were still warming up. Funny how you never know how a photograph will turn out. We had so much shooting in the sunset! I’ve already printed this one in two different sizes. =) We had so much fun frolicking around with our cameras!


    • If we did this more often, Emily, you’d get more comfortable. I don’t normally take photos of people, so it was a little awkward for me, too. But it was definitely fun. 🙂


  12. Also, this is so beautifully written, it is poetic!


    • Thank you, Emily. This is one of my favorite shots I’ve taken and it seemed to need poetic words to accompany it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to capture you on camera. 🙂


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