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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

33. Paths And/Or Trails


While my son and his girlfriend were visiting us from California over Christmas, we took a guided hike to the Lost Waterfall in the mountains of Boquete. We walked along a trail surrounded by lush green which hid little surprises everywhere. We were treated to wonderful bird life including the brilliantly colored not-to-be-missed Quetzal, a Capuchin monkey and a Kinkajou high in the canopy, the teeniest of avocados and orchids, several beautiful glasswing butterflies which the Spanish call ‘espejitos’ meaning ‘little mirrors’, many different flowers, and what our enthusiastic guide told us was the oldest tree in Panama having survived not one, but two volcanic eruptions. Taking in all the information he provided and the beauty of the area, it was difficult to absorb everything. Ooh’s and ah’s were uttered frequently. I was delighted that my son was adept at spotting many different insects for the three of us to quietly enjoy apart from the other hikers. This is one hike I definitely plan on repeating, but I’ll have to rely on my own eyes to find those itty-bitty hidden extras.






13 thoughts on “33. Paths And/Or Trails

  1. so lush! – very pretty.


  2. Great photos – what a fun trail to follow!


  3. It looks so interesting! Would love to explore there.


  4. Such beautiful lush foliage. Sounds like a terrific hike.


  5. The jungle looks so green and filled with so many different varieties of plants and trees. What a beautiful place you live in!


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