52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

29. On Two Wheels


While out playing in Sarasota, I noticed this decorated bicycle on the sidewalk. I loved the bright colors and the whimsical feel of this artistic piece with a construction sight in the background. Although it was somewhat challenging to take the photo (standing on a fairly busy street can be challenging!), I was determined to get this cycle from both sides. And so you have it: baskets and flowers “On Two Wheels”.




17 thoughts on “29. On Two Wheels

  1. A great find for the theme. Is it there as an art work?


  2. Fits the theme, and the good thing about it is you’re still alive to post it for all to see.


  3. Atta girl! Put your life on the line for a theme photo. 🙂


  4. I work right down the street from where you took this photo. I am glad to see one of the “art” bikes out again. The person who creates and displays these is quite creative. I haven’t seen one in a while, as sadly enough, they get vandalized quite often. Great catch!


  5. Fun photos. I like it when someone tries to brighten our lives with something fun. Why do others choose to destroy them?!


  6. I saw similar bikes when I was in Florida last February and thought of them when I read this theme, but alas…I saw them 6 months to early!


  7. It does make a pretty sight, it would be very difficult to balance that as a ride. I bet it makes tons of people happy to see, isn’t it a shame there are jerks out there who will ruin a good thing.


  8. I have never seen any of these around I will have to look for them. I just love baskets in all the bright colors!


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