52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

39. Shot Through Glass


Toward the end of our just under 400km drive back from Panama City to Boquete a week or so ago, we passed through an extremely heavy downpour. The skies grew darker and darker as we wound our way along the back roads to avoid the remainder of the massive construction on the Pan American highway. We had managed to pass all the storms we had seen on the horizon as we drove, just a sprinkling here and there, but the rainy season almost guarantees at least some opening of the heavens somewhere along the drive.

Shortly after turning off the main drag, we noticed the blackening skies and knew we were heading directly into the storm. And boy, did it rain! The camera had been in my lap (or close at hand) for most of the way and when the rain abated a little, I asked my husband if he could turn off the wipers every now and then so I could at least try for a shot or two through glass without blades swishing back and forth. He patiently did so when it seemed safe enough, and I snapped a few water splashed shots to fit the theme. I’ve been playing frequently with black and white and sepia recently. This time I chose sepia for “Shot Through Glass”.

IMG_8231 (2)<a

IMG_8232 (2)


18 thoughts on “39. Shot Through Glass

  1. Great shots and that’s what it’s all about – creativity.


  2. Beautiful shot! I Love the rain in motion.


  3. Really like the sepia … creates the “mood” !


  4. My favorite is the first one. Sepia was a good selection for the processing.


  5. When you are good at what you do, then you know how to improvise. You are good. 🙂


  6. Great shots, Ida! Looking forward to seeing you!


  7. What a nice surreal view!


  8. See you attend lunch with the group soon!


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