52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

32. Painting With Light


I absolutely love the beach with its constantly changing colors and clouds, the rich blues and greens, the dark greys and purples, the pinks, oranges and yellows. There is never a time the beauty fails to evoke ooh’s and aah’s and excitement in me. There is a peace that comes with the sound of the waves thundering on the shore, the calls of the birds, and the gentle touch of the salt spray on my skin.

Last weekend, the clouds were spectacular throughout the day. We thought the clouds that continued to gather and build would completely block the sun, and we were prepared for a disappointing sunset. However, although there were no deep oranges and reds, the setting sun painted the water and the heavens with glorious light. That evening the beauty was all about the cloud formations and the light that played through them to paint a gorgeous sky and sea.





22 thoughts on “32. Painting With Light

  1. I never get tired of waves on the beach and sunsets! lovely


  2. Lovely, Ida, it makes me long for the beach again!


  3. Great photos,nice interpretation


  4. A perfect example of Painting with Light. Well done Ida.


  5. Beautiful photos. Spending time at the beach is the next best thing to heaven to me!


  6. Moody and great capture of the sea.


  7. Great photos, Ida. Keep them coming.


  8. I love looking at all the beach photos people are posting because the beach and sky looks different every day. Your photos are lovely.


  9. Very beautiful, Ida! I love your beach photos.


  10. I will never tire from views like that.


  11. Great pictures!! Love the action of the waves breaking on the beach. However, the bottom pic is my favorite! I love how you captured the reflection of the setting sun……in the wet sand! Not an easy thing to do!! Good job!


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