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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

35. Rocky Waterscapes


There is no shortage of rocky waterscapes in Panama with its mountainous terrain and copious amount of rainfall. I could inundate this post with appropriate photographs, particularly in Chiriqui Province with its gorgeous volcanic rocks that spewed out of the erupting Volcan Baru between 400 and 500 years ago. I tried to limit myself to two photos, but making choices is not my forte. On a Sunday-funday jaunt around the area, I captured these rocky waterscapes.



Okay, I warned you…I couldn’t resist a third photo after all…and a fourth and a fifth!


waterscape 2


For a little twist on the natural beauty of the Boquete area, I simply had to include a shot of a custom picture painted for a good friend. She owns a funky sculpture of a goat which holds a sentimental place in her heart. She left the sculpture in her Chicago home and commissioned this delightful conversation piece. It charms her and makes her smile, while her husband rolls his eyes and groans! Here’s the quirky addition to the theme “Rocky Waterscapes”, a metallic goat poised on the rocks beside the tumbling water. Such a fun painting!



23 thoughts on “35. Rocky Waterscapes

  1. You live in a beautiful place, as your photos show. Living in Florida where everything is so flat, it is very appealing to see hills, rocks and deep green. When I want to exercise climbing, I run up the stairs at the parking ramp!


  2. Ida, I like your style! What beautiful photos and the goat is so fun! 🙂


  3. I don’t know what I thought Panama looked like but seeing these photos, it reminds me of Tennessee. Thanks for the mini tour.


  4. Fabulous! … I think Bear Grylls would love it … Not sure if you’ve heard of him … He seems to love climbing waterfalls! Really nice job!!


  5. The pictures remind me of some of the mountain streams in Arkansas and in the Smoky Mountains. I particularly like the first one, and of course the humor at the end. Well Done!!


  6. Absolutely beautiful, Ida! And so lush and green when everything here is all dry and brown!


  7. Great job of capturing the waterscapes. I also loved the goat.


  8. I’m glad you couldn’t choose just one! Panama is a beautiful place that’s for sure! I’m lucky enough to recognize many of those spots too! I’ve never seen the goat though! Who does that belong to?!


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