52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

15. Graveyard


My husband suggested on our jaunt to the other side of Volcan Baru today that I should save this theme for Halloween. I decided I’d prefer to get this grave issue behind me.

When driving the roads and highways of Panama, graveyards are a common sight. They are very often right beside main thoroughfares with little set back from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Today I spotted this humble graveyard overlooking the beautiful mountains of Chiriqui Province, set right next to the winding roadway, partly hidden by a line of trees. I’m sure many people traveling this road fail to see the few crosses and tombstones that mark the spots where those who have passed are peacefully resting for eternity. While I stood near the rustic entrance, I realized how muted the sound of the occasional passing vehicle was, and that this unpretentious place was indeed a haven for the deceased.




26 thoughts on “15. Graveyard

  1. And BAM, just like that you are actually ahead on your theme posts! Now you can take a few days off! 🙂


  2. Ida, I especially like the covered entrance to this graveyard with its iron gate. Good job with this theme.


  3. Paul is like your manager isn’t he! .. Love this graveyard … So different from what we are used to … No neat rows … I like it. And well done being ahead!


  4. I love that rustic gateway, too, Ida! In fact, the whole weathered air of the whole place!!


  5. Love these photos! I wonder if the graveyard is just one family?


    • I didn’t think about that, Julie. It may be possible, but some of the grave sites are a little better tended than others. Also, the writing on the entrance pillar is a name and telephone number, making me believe there are places available for future graves.


  6. Fantastic shots! Looks very serene.


  7. I love your photos……it’s like a mini travel series on Panama.


  8. You can feel the solemnity of the graveyard. Thanks.


  9. Graveyards are often interesting, this one is could be a movie set. I’m so glad you found it to share with us.


  10. You have done a wonderful job helping us feel the rural rustic feel of the graveyard, beautiful photos. 🙂


  11. I see you changed your cover photo. I can’t believe that the Panama Canal is 100 years old.


    • I changed it specifically for my “Passageways” post, Karen, as the photo was taken back in December 2005, way before August 1, 2013 and I wasn’t allowed to use it! One way to get around the rules! 😉


  12. I like the one with the entrance Arch and the doorway being open shows the openness to visiting instead of being closed and shutting out people. This is more inviting with the gate open, in my opinion. Nicely done.


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