52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge


51. Way Down Low

On a late afternoon flight from Panama City to David, we had the most beautiful views of the landscape way below us. We were treated to a spectacular sunset, islands and inlets bathed in soft pinks, oranges and golds as we flew close to the shoreline with its dark meandering rivers and jungle greens. The light bounced off the gathering clouds and the sunset colors intensified as we approached our destination. Viewing this glorious scenery from way up high was truly special!





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42. Standing Out From The Crowd

During a jaunt into the city of Panama a few months ago, we came upon this modified and decorated old bus. It was clear that it was both a means of transportation as well as a home for the owners. It is not every day that a bus like this appears on the streets. Naturally this bus stood out, parked at the curb with T-shirts hanging outside its open door, the owners hoping to collect a few dollars to help them on their adventure. Several weeks after this photo was taken, we spotted the bus closer to our stomping grounds, parked alongside a humble Panamanian house in a fairly remote location near the city of David.



32. Out Of Place

Now, you may be wondering why I would consider a guitar-playing young man sitting on some rocks outdoors a fit for the theme “Out Of Place”; generally it wouldn’t be unusual to see something like this.


Now take a step or two back. A guitarist strumming his guitar way up on the rocks, having clambered up beside a waterfall in the middle of nowhere, is not exactly an expected or common sight as you round the corner of the winding mountain road. He certainly seemed out of place to me.



29. Mirror Image

I’ve wanted to do something like this for years, but held out until now: what do I have to lose? I knew it may not turn out perfectly, that it wouldn’t be a true mirror image (only a reflection), but I just wanted to capture a feeling. Once again, I asked my husband if he could please-pretty-please take a photo that I set up, then I walked to the water’s edge repetitively yelling over the thunderous roar of the waves, asking if he could see my entire reflection. In the end, I was soaked to the skin, sitting in the water while the waves threatened to wash completely over me. There was loads of laughter and simple fun in capturing this photo and my man was so patient and willing to take direction.


And this is where the umbrella ended up post-photo shoot as a gust of wind blew it into the pool. I was given one more chance to capture a mirror image.



26. Light And Airy

While out on a narrow winding road in the middle of nowhere, Panama, the light behind this small spot of gently waving grass caught my eye. I quickly glanced behind me to look for traffic and then asked if we could pull over for a couple of seconds to snap a shot or two. I had literally no more than 2 minutes to get what I wanted before having to jump back in the car as a few cars came our way. When I looked at my captures, I decided that sepia tones gave them more lightness and airiness.


My husband wanted me to include this next photo and preferred it in color. So I’ll play along.



48. There’s Nothing Better Than…

Sunsets and beaches was my initial response…just have to choose a couple of photos…or three or four.

But today I received a gift that touched my heart and soul. I had no hesitation at all. “There’s Nothing Better Than…” receiving a hand-written heartfelt letter from the man who loves me and is the keeper of my heart. He took me back 33 years to a time we sent dozens of letters and cards across the world to each other. To make his beautifully romantic gesture even more meaningful, I received a dozen gorgeous, sweet-smelling roses. There is simply nothing better…