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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

34. Passage Ways


There really was no choice for me regarding “Passage Ways”. Surely being in Panama means I have to opt for the Panama Canal. This year marks the One Hundred Year Anniversary of the official opening of the Canal, a project started in January 1881 with Ferdinand de Lesseps in charge of construction. There were a myriad of problems which hounded the workforce, in particular the tropical diseases which killed off vast numbers of workers. Over 8 years more than 22,000 workers died and hundreds of millions of dollars had been spent.

In 1904 the USA took over control of the Canal zone from the French and ultimately completed the challenging construction in 1913. The Canal zone was in US hands until the end of 1999 when it was handed back to Panama who now control the zone.

History aside, my husband and I have been lucky enough to have completed a transit tour of the locks as well as visited the museum at the Miraflores Locks. My husband even attended the ceremony in 1999 during which the official handing over of the Canal to Panamanian authorities occurred.

There is a train that runs alongside the Canal, running through lush jungles and over Lake Gatun, from the Atlantic side of the isthmus of Panama to the Pacific side. If you ever happen to be in Panama, a transit tour through a set of locks, a visit to the museum to view the passage of the ships that are guided through by a Panama Canal Transit Authority Captain, and a ride on the train should definitely be on your “To Do” list.







13 thoughts on “34. Passage Ways

  1. This is a great representation of the Canal. Hopefully some day I will visit Panama and, if so, I will be sure to visit. Thanks for the history and all of the photos. Good job!


  2. I’m impressed! Good job Ida…. And now you get to start all over again on friday! 😀


  3. Told him. His reply: “If Ida can keep focused for 12 months, I’ll do the next photo challenge!” lol


  4. Great coverage of a story from land and air! I saw a wonderful documentary a few years ago about the canal ..fascinating. And here we go again… Like you I got a little behind but we caught up and that’s what counts!


    • Yes, Patricia, we can pat ourselves on the back for completing the challenge. Thanks for always being so positive with your comments. And yikes…new themes, new challenges begin again!


  5. Wow! Great pictures. My one and only time through the canal in 1966 was through the night. Obviously, not the right conditions to take any pictures.


  6. Nice representation of the area. You made me want to move a trip through the Canal a little higher on the bucket list.


  7. My visit to Panama was a few years ago, and unfortunately, the train did not run on the weekend, so we had to take a bus from Panama City to Colon. We only saw the canal from our cruise ship as we sailed by it. The impressive sight was the number of vessels sitting in the Gulf waiting to go through. We were on the first cruise to start in Panama on RCCL, and the President of Panama came on board our ship and they celebrated the start of our cruise with fireworks from the port. So hopefully they will run the train on the weekends to get those new passengers from one side to the other for the cruises.


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