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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

20. I Wish I Could/I’m Sorry I Did


Some years ago, I found a piece of driftwood on the beach that really appealed to me. I immediately knew how I wanted to use it. Out came the sealant and paintbrush and after several coats, my latest project was ready for the next stage.

I dragged my husband with me to a local store which carried pre-Colombian art adorning platters, roof tiles, T-shirts, coffee mugs and jewelry. Sadly, we had left it too late; there was only one tile remaining. However, we were assured another shipment of tiles would be arriving within a couple of weeks. I purchased their last tile, knowing we’d be back for another two so I could complete my project. A couple of weeks turned into a month…two months…three months. It became quite apparent there weren’t going to be any additional deliveries. I was sorry I had made the original purchase. After all, what was I going to do with only one tile? But as stubborn as I can be, I was determined to finish what had been started. If I couldn’t buy the artwork, surely I could attempt to create my own. And that is precisely what I did. A little research into pre-Colombian art, a little acrylic paint, a couple of tiles, and voila, my vision was complete.

So, what began as “I wish I could” became “I’m sorry I did”, only to revert to “I’m NOT sorry I did”!



6 thoughts on “20. I Wish I Could/I’m Sorry I Did

  1. Wow, Ms. Ida, you are a very creative lady…and not one easy to give up.


  2. That’s me, Mary Nell. I like to finish what I start. πŸ™‚


  3. That is just so cool!! Not just a pretty face but talented too!! Great story and fits perfectly.


    • Thank you, Patricia. I’ve had my final post planned and needed just one more. My creation caught my eye while I was talking to Paul at lunchtime about today’s post. It was sudden inspiration! πŸ™‚


  4. Very nicely handcrafted.


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