52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

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31. Out Of Control


During our 6 hour drive to the city a few months back, we encountered a very large group of motor cyclists traveling together. There must have been over a hundred of them, all riding abreast, making it extremely difficult to pass. At one stage we were deliberately boxed in to allow stragglers to pass us and join the others. What began as something quite interesting, turned into something somewhat out of control and very annoying, especially as we had to contend with the situation for many, many miles on a road that is winding, pot-holed in places and only one lane with an occasional passing lane.


Not long after we caught up with the leading group, the rest of the cyclists moved in behind us, very close to our bumper which made it quite simple to box us in.



2 thoughts on “31. Out Of Control

  1. For the most part, motorcyclists are good, gentle people; however, when I hear of this behavior, it reminds me of what happened recently in New York. Because of that, I lean towards the cautious side.


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