52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

32. Out Of Place


Now, you may be wondering why I would consider a guitar-playing young man sitting on some rocks outdoors a fit for the theme “Out Of Place”; generally it wouldn’t be unusual to see something like this.


Now take a step or two back. A guitarist strumming his guitar way up on the rocks, having clambered up beside a waterfall in the middle of nowhere, is not exactly an expected or common sight as you round the corner of the winding mountain road. He certainly seemed out of place to me.



4 thoughts on “32. Out Of Place

  1. oh that’s funny – love the way you did the two photos with the commentary!


  2. I would’ve loved to have come across that. He’s just out enjoying his day and anyone coming upon him gets an added spark to theirs.


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